The aim of 8th International Society of Performance Anaylsis of Sport (ISPAS) is to provide a platform for all parties who areĀ  – directly or indirectly – involved in giving objective feedback about any individual or team sport performance:

  1. Who help the coaches to set the correct questions and create a meaningful concept what should be analysed, researchers, sport scientist;
  2. who designs the data collection, analyse the data, gives support to understand the data of the sport anaylyticrs to the coach and athlete and provides objective feedback about techniqual, tactical performance, biomechanists, match analysts, performance analyst;
  3. who pertains to proceed by analysis and deal with big data, data analytics person;
  4. who provides the digital background and technological support to analyse sport performance, commercial companies.
  5. who use the data in the coaching, managing or performing process, coaches/managers, and athletes and also
  6. those (PE) teachers who are open to use technology to evaluate students performance and teaching.

This international event will also attract every representatives of all elite and university sports, the strategy and business managers responsible for making decisions on investment in performance analysis and data analytics in sport, who use the science of Perfomance Analysis and commercials, companies who provide the technological background analys at individual and team sport performance:

  • Representatives of Sport Federations
  • Representatives of Olympic Committees
  • Representatives of Sport Clubs and Sport Academics
  • Directors of Sport Clubs
  • Students
  • Scouts
  • Business Managers
  • Journalists