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8th International Workshop and Conference of the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport (ISPAS)
Main topics: Performance Analysis, Data Analytics, Technology in Sport Coaching

„Technology meets practice and science”

11-13 September 2019

A hub event to show:

How performance analysts, coaches and software development companies should interact/cooperate with each other.

More about ISPAS: www.ispas.org

Seminars for Elite Coaches and Athletes (Team and Individual Sports)

Scientific Presentations

Networking Opportunities

Exhibition and Introduction of Commercial Software Companies

Invited Speakers:

Mike Hughes

President of ISPAS, UK

Henriette Dancs

Assistant Professor, Institute of Sports Science, University Eotvos Lorand Budapest

Julia Wells

English Institue of Sport, UK

Austin Fuller

English FA, UK

Rhys Long

English FA, UK

Michael Hughes

Insight Ltd. UK

Nic James

Chair of ISPAS, UK

Chris White

Law Tennis Assotiation, UK

Goran Sporis

Faculty of Kineziology Zagreb, Croatia

Gábor Csátaljay

Basketball Academy, Sopron, Hungary

Edina Marko

Head Coach of the Hungarian Women National Team, Hungary

Pablo Perez Aleixandre

Analyst of Valencia Footbal Club

Tamas Sterbenz

Vice Rector of University of Physical Education, Budapest

Contact information:

Event contact Email: ispasworkshop.bp@gmail.com

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7 Petofi S.
Szombathely 9700


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